Virtual Closet Review

Virtual Closet Refresh &

Shoppable Style Boards 

If your goal is a polished personal style that’s easy to put together in a snap - you need a closet that works for you, not one that stresses you out.  

But in order to get there, we’ve got to know what you’re working with…

If your closet is full of clothes you don’t wear, that you don’t like or don’t fit, we have to turn that situation around, and that process begins with a Virtual Closet Party! Why Party?  Because it's fun, you can enjoy your favorite beverage, put on some music and get rid of the stuff that's dragging you down.

Below is a video I did with my sister Eileen.  It's an hour-long, so you can skip around to get the feel of it.    As you can see we both had a lot of fun and she got fresh ideas that would never have occurred to her on her own. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

“You deserve a closet full of clothes that you love, that fit and flatter you and work for your life right now.”

This service is for you if you’d love to have a professional set of eyes to help you:

  • Get fresh outfit ideas for how to wear your current items.   

  • Be clear on what to keep and what to toss and why.

  • Discover what’s missing that you absolutely need to make your wardrobe work.

  • Professional opinion on whether something looks good on you or not.

  • I'll record the session so you can have it for your reference.


This service is going to reveal that you're missing some things.  And that's where the

Shoppable Style Boards and Recommendations come in. 


I'll shop for you and create three shoppable style boards so you can purchase exactly what you need to refresh your wardrobe!  Check out the examples below by clicking any item under SHOP. 

It all starts with a conversation.  Reach out to me to book a zoom call, email me or just pick up the phone and let's talk.