The need to shop for clothes and put them together will never end.  Master it yourself or delegate it to a pro. But don’t just struggle along… Let me help you master your Personal Style once and for all in my incredible course and coaching experience for women who want to be

Stylish AF.


Results I Can Guarantee!

I guarantee you’ll graduate from the program having made 7 different types of outfits you love to wear! 

And after soaking up this knowledge, if you practice the skills – you’ll be able to create your perfect outfits and wardrobe for the rest of your life! And that is a serious accomplishment!

If you're reading this page, I know you're searching for an answer.  I know you want to experience fashion without frustration, but you aren't sure where to start.  And no wonder, the Fashion Industry is full of BS everywhere you turn.


When you follow the latest trends, must-have lists, and influencers you end up in a chain of pain. 

And that’s because the development of personal style and confidence is an inside game. You have to UNDERSTAND who you are, what you’re about and how you want to show up before you start buying anything.


If you buy random shit without knowing what you're doing, you will not be happy girl. You will be sad girl. And no one wants to be sad girl.

So, What's The Game Plan?​

We’ll follow the 5-step proven program that I’ve used with my private one-on-one clients for the past 15 years, effectively guiding YOU to become Your Own Personal Stylist. Y E S!

It's a 6-week program. Including 6 live Group Coaching Calls after each lesson so we can share and discuss and 6 Weekly Questions & Answers Sessions for even more support on your style journey. Everything is recorded, so no worries.

But What If... FAQ's

Q. I’ve been a terrible shopper my whole life, how can you teach me to be Stylish AF with amazing outfits in 6 weeks?


ANSWER:  You’ve been a terrible shopper because you were never taught how to go about it and succeed. Shopping is not difficult, but it DOES require a strategy, or you will just be wasting time and money. You decided a long time ago you sucked at shopping and now you believe it’s true.  If you allow yourself to be teachable, you can get good at shopping, I promise

Q. I don’t like my body very much these days. How can I make outfits I can hardly wait to wear, when I’m not happy with how I look?


ANSWER: The thing about clothing is it has a magical ability to camouflage your ‘ so-called flaws” and accentuate your assets.  But you’ve got to know how to spot those kinds of pieces and understand the effect they can have on your overall silhouette. Once you develop an outfit formula that works for you and your body you will be thrilled with how fab you can look, even when you’re not feeling great about your shape.

Q.  I have SO Many Clothes that I never wear!  Good clothes with the tags still on...  I hate to spend more money on new clothes for new outfits when I haven’t used what I’ve got. Will this program address that problem?


ANSWER: YES! The second lesson, Love It or Leave It is devoted entirely to going through a test that makes it simple to decide what to keep and what to let go. You have to realize that not everything in your closet was a smart purchase to begin with. And some of the things you own could be awesome if they just had the right things to wear with them.  This program is ultimately about clarity.  You’ve got to be clear about who you are and what you own so you can make great outfits with ease.

Q.  I am so overwhelmed by fashion and style.  I don’t feel like I can succeed in a course on this topic.  I would love to have great outfits to wear, but I’m going to need a lot of personal attention to get there.  Will you be spending personal time with us?


ANSWER: YES, I will be spending time with you! Personal style is not a subject you cannot just read about.  There are too many variables and different types of people. So, I designed this course to give everyone face-to-face time with me twice a week for the entire course. (If you can’t attend, everything is recorded). We have a weekly group session on Zoom where we go over the lesson of the week and talk about your personal experiences, triumphs, and stumbling blocks. And there are LIVE weekly office hours for asking questions and getting my eyes on your specific situations.   The assignments are designed to lead you step by step to success.  And while you may be overwhelmed by the subject of fashion and style, I am not. I’m here to guide you and assure your success. I will not leave you behind. Promise.

Q.  Do you work with celebrities or regular people or both?

ANSWER: Typically, in the last 15 years as a Personal Stylist I’ve been working with regular everyday people helping them upgrade their image, style and confidence.  I have many very successful clients that wouldn’t be considered celebrities in movies, music or film, but they are celebrities in their field of expertise.


The way I think of it is that YOU are the Star of your own life, and I’m here to make YOU shine.

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