The Pandemic Chronicles: Looking Like You Care.

The first couple of weeks of this mess we're all in together, I had a lot of conversations with people saying they never got out of their sweats, exercise clothes and pajamas. And I get it, there were and still are such a swirl of emotions and everybody just needed to have things be easy so they could zone out and be comfortable.

But now that we're a little way into this thing, have you noticed that slumping around not wearing makeup or doing your hair really doesn't work? At first you may have thought why bother, I'm home, who cares? But something happens when you don't make an effort with your appearance - you lose yourself. You can start to let yourself go little by little. One day just melts into another and before you know it, you forget that its actually fun to express yourself through your appearance.

I've found myself saying I don't care about a lot of things lately and that's really not like me. But these days I find my priorities shifting. I get tired and impatient more easily because I have to learn so many new things I never needed or wanted to learn before. Wearing things I love helps me combat the negative swirling around. For me, wearing things I love is like an attitude adjustment for the better.

As a Stylist, I always knew that clothes were powerful. Color is powerful. Jewelry is powerful. And when I say powerful, I mean each of these things has the power to make us feel amazing or awful. And so I choose to feel amazing. I'm wearing beautiful long dresses and big gold hoop earrings that make a pleasant jingling sound.

When I have to go to the store with my mask on, people smile at me and compliment me like crazy. It's as though my choice to wear colorful patterns is a bright spot among all the sweats and flip flops.

Compliments area always nice, but I'm not dressing for compliments, I'm dressing for me, because it makes me feel good. Because it's one of the only things I have control over right now, and I choose to use what I've got to make the best days I can.

I hope you decide to do the same.

Much Love,


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