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Be Stylish & Comfortable At The Same Time.

Before and after makeover of woman in jeans
Be stylish and comfortable at the same time!

It's pretty clear that our personal style was put on the back burner this past year for obvious reasons. We weren't going out and the mood and the collective energy was just plain weird IMHO. Comfort was the priority - serious comfort.

But in this last week I'm feeling a sizeable shift in people's mood - a shift towards better days and fresh possibilities... The excitement of making travel plans for later in the year. Gatherings that we all took for granted will soon be back. There are glimmers of hope and active imagination everywhere! I love it.

Now then, in regards to this positivity, I think a mindset shift is in order, an upgrade. And its a good idea to start now. Because the hiding and the slacking is coming to an end. Soon we'll all be visible again, and there is still enough time to pull your image together for the post Covid world. Whether that means gettng back in shape, dressing better or whatever it means to you.

Repeat after me: I can be stylish AND comfortable at the same time...

What this means is style and comfort are not mutualy exclusive. You can have both at the same time. You just have to introduce the idea into your head. And

once you do, you will feel this magical idea uplift your spirits to the max!

When you understand that you can have both style and comfort at the same time, a world of possibilities opens. You realize that you have a whole lot more choices than sweatpants and exercise clothes. Out with the drab and in with the Fab!

You realize that there are so many materials with stretch in them. Jeans, tops, work pants... And shoes don't have to be sneakers or totally flat to be comfortable. I just purchased these mules from Sam Edelman and they are super comfortable and cute.

Pony hair mules by Sam Edelman
Sam Edelman Zebra Mules are Fantastic!

Then you come to realize that comfort is not one dimensional. There is comfort at work. Comfort for galas. Comfort for kids activities. Comfort for date night... It's not all the same thing.

However what is true for all is there is a stylish item for anything you could ever want to do, that is also comfortable and that really is all you should own.

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