WHY Do You Have A Closet Full of Clothes — and NOTHING to Wear?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

woman stressing over her packed closet
When getting dressed is Hell!

Is this a familar scene? It’s time to go somewhere, and here you are once again standing in front of your closet frustrated as hell that you have a ton of clothes and no awesome outfits…

How can this be? What are you doing wrong? You think of all the money you’ve spent on pieces that are still hanging in your closet with pricetags on because you have nothing to wear them with and you want to scream!

You know, in the back of your mind that getting dressed should not be this much of an ordeal — but for you the struggle is real. What to do?

First let me say that if this sounds like you, I am quite sure that you’re missing a shopping and buying strategy. What? You need a strategy for shopping? Yes, you absolutely need a strategy for shopping and buying, because if you don’t have one, you end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Let me explain.

A piece of clothing exists in relation to the other pieces in your closet. So when you buy something, you have to ask yourself what you will wear it with. Skip this question and you and your closet will be at odds with each other every single day.

You should not be shopping for individual pieces, but rather keeping your whole wardrobe in mind when you’re looking for something new. Your wardrobe needs to be a close knit unit that works together cohesively. Don’t just buy something and try to figure it out later. Because you probably won’t — right?

Instead, when you find something you like, whether it be a jacket, pair of shoes, a necklace or a pair of pants or whatever it is — ask yourself what you will wear it with right then. And here is a hint that you will have trouble with it when you get it home… If you say to yourself I just love it and I have to have it — I have no idea what I’d wear it with, but I’ll take it! That is your clue to Stop Right There and figure it out.

If you catch yourself saying “I have no idea what to wear this with” then I want you to understand this: There are not a million choices, there are only two or three!

Take this top for example. I can just hear someone saying that’s cute, but what would I wear it with? If this top is not a challenge for you, pick something in your own closet that you have no idea what to wear it with so you can get the point.

woman wearing fancy colorful top
What do I have to wear with this top besides black pants??

Well, you could wear it with either pants, a skirt or shorts. That’s it! there are not a million choices. So don’t allow yourself to go into overwhelm and get confused when it’s time to find something that goes with it. Try not to overthink, you’re only looking for one of the three things.

If you practice this, you will greatly increase your shopping and buying success, because it makes things so much less overwhelming. I will mention here, that you need to be crystal clear what’s in your closet in order for this to work best for you. But that’s another article.

Of course there is more to shopping strategy than this one point, but this is a big one! Once you’re over this hurdle, a world of possiblities can open up for you, probably right in your very own closet… And What a Wonderful Surprise That Would Be!

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