Can You Pull it Off? You Owe It to Yourself to Find Out!

I walked inside the bank today and one of the women tellers said I love your short hair, it looks great on you! Then she said, I wish could cut my hair as short as yours, but I could never pull it off. Teller #2 said my hair was awesome but she said her head would be the wrong shape and she could never have short hair even though she would love too. Teller #1 even went so far as to say she needed to do something with her hair because she was really struggling in the morning.

Since I was the only one in line, I said to teller # 2, how do you know what shape your head is, how do you know short hair wouldn't look good on you? She said, oh I just know...

Hmmm, this happens to me all the time, someone will compliment me on something and then immediately say, well it's great for you but I coud never pull that off.

I get this comment so frequently that today I started thinking about it in another way. Why do so many people think that they can't "pull off" a look they've never even tried?

What I've come to know in my 13 years of Personal Styling is people hesitate to try something new. They stop themselves. Now, this is not surprising, but it is unfortunate because it just keeps them stuck and thinking that other people can do things they cant - when they don't know that.

With all things style related, you never know unless you try. Clothes can look doubtful on the hanger and wonderful on you. Things can look great on the hanger and awful once you get it on. It takes trying on lots and lots of things over the years to be able to know for certain what you can and cannot wear. But you owe it to yourself to find out.

So, if you often find yourself drawn to something, a hairstyle, a piece of clothing or jewelry and thinking you can't pull it off - stop yourself right there and try it just to see. You may be pleasantly surprised. And you will definately be better informed. Maybe you can pull it off, maybe you can't. Maybe you can't pull off that exact look, but you may get an idea of how to adapt it for youself. You owe it to yourself to find out.

And one last thought for today. Focus on your assets not your flaws, draw attention there. And the next thing you know someone will walk up to you and say they love your asset, but they could never pull it off...

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