• Anne Morrissey

How To Have a Fabulous Photoshoot! (Part One)

What creates a successful photoshoot? I've got one word for you. Planning! A photoshoot is exciting! Your'e thinking of your marketing materials, or perhaps your website. A million thoughts run through your head beforehand. But so any people make the dreaded mistake of thinking of themselves last. I will not let you be one of them.

In order to show up well on camera, you've got to do more than you would in your everyday life, or you're not going to be impressed with your results.

The first thing you need to get clear on is how you want to show up. What do you want to express through your pictures? How do you want your audience to perceive you? For example if you're a Modern Day Priestess, are you showing up all flowy, mystical and dangling earrings or could you also be in a Power Suit? Hmmm. The key is to show different aspects of yourself so you have a good mix to choose from.

Don't just do what everyone else in your industry does, you want to differentiate yourself. It can be a little scary, because you don't want to go overboard. But don't water yourself down and blend in. Show us who you are, because we want to see! This takes thought and planning.

Once you have an idea of the kind of vibe you're going for, it's a lot easier to pick your outfits. If you've got spectacular items in your closet, bring them out and give some thought to how they could serve you.

Notice I said spectacular! This is where you want to aim. You don't want just your average top. Or your average jacket. Or average anything for that matter. You're trying to convey that you yourself are above average in your field. And to pull that off, you've got to wear things that make an impact.

I realize that there are those who will say they don't dress up in real life and to do so in a photoshoot would not be authentic. And to that I say you are just plain wrong. You've got to pull together the best you've got and I'm here to help you do just that.

Color is one of my favorite ways to make an impact. Color is energy made visible and a photoshoot is all about you being visible. Color sends messages to people, it's been proven time and again through the science of color.

Now then, here is your first assignment. I want you to go to your closet, find the best most colorful pieces you've got and start thinking about how to make them work. One very important point. You really need to love the items you select. You can't feel lukewarm about your selelctions or that will come through in your pictures.

If you don't have it, you're going to want to go get it or rent it. Your photoshoot is an important and expensive endeavor. And we're going to make sure you're at the top of your game when the day comes.

This is part of the planning. The last thing you want is to go shopping at the last minute for something to wear, let's handle it all now. Stay tuned for Part Two coming shortly. Or just reach out now if you're realizing you are short on time.

Peace. Love & Fashion


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