Here's to A Fabulous Fall 2020! You Can Shop These Items!

Well, here we are in September already, what a year! I know that we could all use some fabulosity in our lives right now, so I've compiled some items for you to enjoy. Everything here is shoppable!

The thing about clothes, shoes and jewelry is that the right ones have the ability to lift your mood and make you smile.

As everyone is figuring out how to navigate through the pandemic clients have told me that they have to make sure to get dressed, do their hair and makeup on a somewhat regular basis or they start to go downhill.

As for me, I've been living in long dresses and shiny gold jewelry. Here in Florida we really don't have a Fall season as it's still much too hot to think about wearing boots, sweaters and suede fringe ponchos. So if you're somewhere the temperature is about to drop soon, be sure to take time to enjoy it!

PS I can make personalized shoppable boards for you, like the one above. Seasonal updates for you entire wardrobe or even just a few new pieces to brighten the days ahead. Just whip off a quick email to and we'll set up a time to chat.

Peace. Love & Fashion


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