Average Is Invisible - Aim Higher!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

In my 13 years as a Personal Stylist, I have never had a client tell me he or she wanted to be perceived as average.

In the initial consultation, one of the first questions I ask is "How Do You Want To Show Up? How do you want to be perceived? I ask them to describe how they want to be perceived in three words - and I write down what they say, it helps me shop well for them.

Most people aren't prepared for these questions. The answers aren’t top of mind and they have to think about it for a few moments. Eventually, I get answers like confident, powerful and classy. Or, pulled together, polished and professional.

Once I have a good sense of the client’s personality, lifestyle and vibe, it's time to look in the closet and see what's going on. When I look in someone’s closet, I can tell a lot about that person - immediately.

I can read a closet like an accountant can read a balance sheet, or a contractor can read a blueprint. I can tell if you like to be seen or if you’re hiding…

But what I'm really tuning into is what's causing the difficulties? Why can't this person make their wardrobe work - what is getting in their way? There are lots of reasons people have difficulties, but one of the main reasons, is that they have picked average pieces with low energy without realizing it. 

You can’t get an above average image – (which is what they’re going for), with average pieces. You have to aim higher!

No one wants average anything. If you went to a restaurant and asked the waiter about a dish you wanted to order and he said “it’s not that bad, doesn’t taste great but it’ll fill you up! “   How enthusiastic would you be about ordering that?

And what if you’re invited to a networking group and the host says – yeah you should join, the dues are super expensive, and nobody makes great connections here, but at least we have free drinks! There is no way you would join their group!

So why is it that when it comes to shopping, so many people pick clothes that are not capable of making them look like they want to look? If your aim is to look polished, professional and in control, then ALL of the pieces in your closet need to be capable of producing that image for you.

A piece of clothing has to have the capacity to make you look good already in it – or when you put it on it will have an average impact or no impact at all. 

In business and in life Average is Invisible. People are attracted to extraordinary, that's what we should all be aiming for.  What’s in your closet? Are your clothes, shoes and accessories capable of making you look like you’re at the top of your game?

With some focus and a decision, you do not have to be invisible in a sea of black and grey you CAN stand out as the red umbrella! 

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Anne Morrissey, Personal Stylist


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