Are Better Accessories The Answer?

In a word - YES better accessories are part of the answer. If the question is how do I get that polished, pulled together look. Then better accessories is almost certainly an area you want to pay attention to. For example, take a look at the image above. The model is wearing what appears to be a black dress and a tweed gray sweater. Not particularly noteworthy.

But she finishes it off with an outstanding scarlet suede bag with a gold chain and leather strap! I like the hat too, but she could probably get away with some large gold hoops and just the bag.

The point is that the accessory is NOT ordinary. It's not beige or black or even a recognizable brand, it's just really special, and that is the goal. Special pieces that you select with care make all the difference in your outfits.

Select outstanding, quality accessories, the best your budget can afford is an investment that pays off well. I'd love it if you would send in pics of you with your favorite accessoriecs showing how they MAKE your outfits for an upcoming feature post.

Peace. Love & Fashion...


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