Wondering Who Wears the These Looks? Me too – Read This

While standing in line the other day, a woman in front of me was flipping through a magazine and stopped on an ad, revealing their new fall line.

She turns to me, showing me the ad and states, “Are you really supposed to be THAT dressed?

Where would you wear that? I love the look, but I can’t imagine wearing it”!

I will say to you what I said to her, and she seemed to like the answer.

“In my opinion, fashion ads are merely for inspiration.

If you like “the feeling” you get from the composition, or the idea of “the look” take one or two pieces from it and create a similar feeling in an outfit of your own creation”.

No you are probably not going to wear the whole collection – everything in moderation, or you’ll be wildly overdressed.

Here’s an example some skirts from a recent Fall Fashion Show

Who Wears This?

Of course you won’t be wearing these skirts out anytime soon, BUT when you go shopping you’ll know the trend, and that full skirts are in style this season. You’ll be amazed how you still begin to see this style showing up at a local Nordstrom, Macy’s or JC Penney near you.

One more thing - Do not get hung up on the models - models are not the norm! Clothes look different on them, than they do on you.

If you find an image or a look you like, don’t give up!. Just say, “ I love that but it would never look like that on me”. No, no no! Instead, determine what it is you like about it and set about recreating it for yourself.

If you really like the look the pattern on the girl on the far left, but not the sweater or shoes, substitute a simple top and some strappy sandals.

See what I mean? You will be amazed how well this works!

Let me know what you think! Leave your comments below.

Until then…

Peace, Love & Fashion


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