Celebrities: Before They Had Stylists...

Don’t you just love before and after pictures? I do. And an especially delightful treat is to see celebrities before and after the hired a personal stylist.

Here are a few for your enjoyment dear readers. Some of these images are unbelievable!

I’m just showing a few, but the list is long.

Jennifer Lopez

She uses the #8 ranked Celebrity Stylist team of Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen—Jennifer Lopez Today

No one is immune to making questionable fashion choices and celebrities are no exception.

I don’t work with celebrities; I work with women business owners, saleswomen and executives who want positive recognition and maximum impact from their image and style.

I believe that everyone should be the star in his or her own life.!

Don’t forget - celebrities are brands!

And so are you!

You are probably not used to thinking of yourself in that way.

If you’re in business, you are a unique product and brand and the way you put yourself together is your own exclusive package.

Megan Fox She uses the #2 ranked Celebrity Stylist, Petra Flannery—Megan Fox, Today

Can you imagine how different many of these people’s careers might have turned out if they stuck with the same style they started out with at the beginning?

Not so good.

They evolved in their careers and in their personal style and you can too!

They grew into the role they play today and you, as a successful business person can do the same to transform your style into a A-list celebrity!

So the next time you see a celebrity all glammed up on the red carpet, or accepting an award, remember they have a lot of help!

They have to!

It’s their job to look good and grow their brand, so their list of fans and producers see them as relevant and stylish.

Style Opens Doors

Taylor Swift

She uses #13 ranked Celebrity Stylist, Joseph Cassell—Taylor Swift, Today

Share your comments with me below. I’d love to hear from you.

Until then,,,,

Peace, Love and Fashion



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