Visual Closet Review

Lucky You!
Your Own Virtual VIP Day.

Are you launching a business or venture? Have a major photoshoot coming up? Got some public appearances on the horizon? Or just want a serious energy boost for your confidence right now? 

It’s 2022. Clearly, there’s a lot going on and you don't have time to struggle. you've got to pull your look together NOW!

If you want to whip things into shape and make a lot of progress in a short period of time, Lucky for You, I’ve got you. 

I'll pour all my experience, energy and skill into you for a miraculous result!  


When you book a day with me:

✓ Purge your closet so you know you’re only working with your best stuff. It’s not about throwing out clothes, it’s about clarity!

✓ Reinvent what you already own to make outfits you didn’t even know you had!

✓ Develop your personal outfit formula, so you can make a cool look for yourself from scratch without stressing. 

✓ Create a customized shopping list, with items selected by me, to fill in the voids of your freshly edited closet. 

✓ Photograph your new outfits on your phone to create your own Book of Outfits.

✓ Check your marketing materials to make sure you’re looking polished, professional and in control.

Accomplish More in a Day with Me 

Than You Have in Years On Your Own…

And while we can do a whole lot in a day, I’ll give you all access support from me for 60 days to make sure your style comes together perfectly! 


Reach out to me by email or phone so we can chat before you book this virtual service and make sure we include all of your priorities so the service is customized to your needs.  

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