“Anne Morrissey is an Image & Personal Style Expert who can take your wardrobe from Fair to Fantastic and your Self-Confidence right along with it!"

With 13 years of experience in the high-powered world of fashion and style consulting, Anne is on a mission to help her clients build an image they can be proud of so they can stop stressing about what to wear - and show up in a way that says they are polished, professional and in control.

Besides being a Personal Stylist, Anne is also a sought after speaker and workshop leader.  She shows the audience how to make the most of what they've got, in a world where your image can make or break you! 

Anne is a graduate of the University of San Francisco in Communications and Broadcasting, having also studied at Howard University in Washington, DC. She is currently working on her book The Art of Personal Presentation as well as her latest project, Cultivate U, an exciting series of virtual trainings designed to teach women to release self-doubt, dress better than ever and achieve their greatest dreams! 


Anne Morrissey, Personal Stylist


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