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“ I'll make sure you get to the place where you can look at yourself in the mirror – and you don’t have to ask another person if what you’re wearing looks good on you, because you already know for yourself! “

Anne Morrissey

Fashion is powerful tool that I use to bring out the beauty and brilliance that is already there within you.  

I do believe that once you understand how to craft an image you’re proud of, and do it with ease, your confidence will immediately begin to attract the people and opportunities that will change your life in marvelous ways!

What I know for sure is that personal style is not about perfection and spending hours getting dressed.

You don’t have to be at your ideal weight and size.  You can have body parts that bug the living daylights out of you and still look amazing. AND you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

I care about how you feel about yourself.  Because when you look and feel good, you do good, and we all need that right now. I believe that mastering the art of your own Personal Presentation is a skill that will serve you ever-so-well in whatever you do and wherever you want to go. 


Reach out to me, I love working with people to create images that make an impact. Images of Success…


Stylishly Yours,


Words cannot express how grateful I am for your services and awesome advice!  I totally feel the new me evolving since day one of our closet purges! I was heartbroken at first to see my closet empty but after our shopping spree, book of outfits and many lessons from Morrissey Style Academy, I am ready to take over the world! I feel confident, excited and fabulous with the new look you have given me.

Cheers to fabulosity!

- Jennifer Cubas

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